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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Now that the election is over, what do you do with all those campaign yard signs? A group in Fountain Square wants them all.

 “It’s been definitely a year to remember and this is a piece of history now,” said Paige Wind, project organizer.

The plan to not only recycle the signs but to remake them into art. Organizers want to give away old campaign yard signs to local artists and let them transform it into a piece of work. The pieces would then be sold at an art show for some much-needed cash.  Several artists have struggled during the pandemic.

 “I really hope this event is helpful to artists and helps artists receive some income in a way. Also, I hope it helps to bring recognition to some artists,” said Wind.

The only requirement is at least one side of the campaign sign must be completely covered with whatever materials the artist choose. The piece isn’t meant to be a representation of the candidate of their message, but an artist can choose to leave the back untouched as a reminder of election 2020.

“It’d be really fun like 8 years from now have this really amazing oil painting from a silent auction and on the back, it says ‘Jorgensen 2020’ or something random. I think it kind of plays into the value of the time and place of it,” said Tad Aschliman, co-owner of 1336.

So far, the group has collected around 100 yard signs and is scheduled to pick up around 1,000 tomorrow.

“Even a campaign sign that we’ve all been waiting to get rid of for a very long time I’m sure, but this way we can make something beautiful out of what’s essentially trash now,” said Wind.

You can drop off campaign signs at 1336 Shelby Street in Fountain Square.

The group is aiming to have the art show at the end of the month.

If you’re an artist interested in getting a campaign sign, reach out to