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By Tanae Howard

Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity wants you to have the keys to home ownership. Families interested in owning a home had the chance to hear all about the steps they need to take to be involved. The first step was to dispel myths about habitat.

Inside this room, these people are looking for the keys to their American dream–home ownership with the help of Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity.

“Part of what we always try to overcome are any misconceptions. Habitat has recognition but many times people think you get it for free, the home is for free. So this is apart of the understanding you’re purchasing. You’re buying a home just at 0% interest,” said President Jim Morris.

After learning about the program qualifications, current Habitat for Humanity homeowners inspired the crowd with their testimony.

“If habitat wasn’t here in all honesty by now we’d probably be homeless. Because we could not possibly keep up with where we were,” said current homeowner, Danita O’Neal Winters.

O’Neal Winters says her family lived in deplorable conditions before going through Habitat. She says the countless lessons in finance and how to maintain a home changed her family’s life.

“You sit there and think no wonder so many people file for bankruptcy. No one teaches you how to manage life insurance and the decisions you need to make and that’s never offered in traditional education unless you’re going into that area of expertise when you get out of school. So habitat is really filling a void that a lot of people need,” said O’Neal Winters.

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