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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A spooky Halloween forecast has some areas postponing the holiday. Muncie and the city of Marion are moving trick-or-treat hours to Friday, while Center Grove is moving its trunk or treat indoors.

In Indianapolis – the office of public health and safety is encouraging families to stay indoors. But some parents and kids plan to brave the cold wet weather on Thursday.

Little Caroline Fernandez has been waiting all year for Halloween.

“I’m going to be Wednesday from the Adams Family,” said Caroline.

Her mom, Blanca just couldn’t say no to trick or treating this year.

“They’re so excited, they’ve been counting down the days,” said Blanca. “So, we are not going to take that away.”

She said she is aware of the forecast.

“Halloween is not looking comfortable at all,” said Weather Authority Meteorologist Krista McEnany.  “We are looking at temperatures that are going to be falling throughout the day, it’s going to be windy, it’s going to be wet, and we even have a chance of a wintry mix that’s going to work its way in there.”

“We’re going to brave it, we are going to wear sweaters underneath, yea, we will brave it,” said Blanca.

She said her kids have done it before on really-cold Halloween nights.

“We just go around the corner, you know, around the block and back,” said Blanca.

But this Halloween is expected to feel even colder than most.

“So, the record cold temperature for Halloween in Indianapolis is 24 degrees,” said McEnany. “While we won’t be there tomorrow, we are looking at temperatures feeling like they are in the mid-twenties right around trick or treat time.”

That’s why many places are moving Halloween activities indoors and some areas in Central Indiana postponed the holiday to Friday.

“Friday is still going to be a cold day, but it is going to be significantly better than we’re looking at for Thursday for actual Halloween.”

Caroline said she would be okay if Indianapolis decided to move trick or treating to Friday. She just hopes to get her hands on her favorite candy, Twix.

More cities could change their Halloween plans over the next 24 hours.

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