NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — He may not be a year old yet, but the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office’s newest recruit is already winning hearts.

The coroner’s office said Deputy Simon is serving as an office therapy dog for staff and comforts grieving families.

“He greets families who come to the office and sits with them, especially kids, while we meet,” said Deputy Coroner Sarah Lockhart. “If the situation is just right, he can also be called out to the scene.”

Deputy Lockhart raised Simon since he was 13 weeks old and noticed his temperament was perfect for the job. Simon recently completed a four-week private class tailored toward therapy work. He now works the night shift with Deputy Lockhart.

“There are calls that we go out on to that can be really disturbing and stress us out,” says Deputy Lockhart, who recently responded to a call that involved a long-time friend. “He’s just a really good decompression tool for us.”

You can follow Deputy Simon on his personal Instagram account at @Deputy_Coroner_Simon.