Hamilton County Emergency Management reports 26 crashes during Monday snow

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Emergency management crews are keeping a close watch on snow and icy conditions on the roadways.

Crews have been up since early Monday morning, and they plan to be out throughout the night and into Tuesday.

Shane Booker trains for nights like these year round.

"We've been watching what's going on and tracking this for several days,” Booker said.

Booker is the executive director of Hamilton County Emergency Management. Since 4 a.m. Monday, he has monitored roads and conditions that impact thousands of people.

"Working with the National Weather Service and then sharing that information with our stakeholders, including the schools, street departments and all of the municipalities,” said Booker.

On Monday, Hamilton County emergency crews responded to more than 26 accidents and 18 traffic hazards, such as slide-offs.

"We saw a lot of issues with bridges and overpasses, where the cold air is getting underneath those and causing the roads to freeze,” Booker added.

This second round of snow has created more problems. To help, Booker started informing people of the conditions on social media.

“Getting out early and taking some 30-second videos of road conditions and sharing that information with drivers, we started that again today, and we'll keep doing that,” he said.

There are 14 plow trucks on the roads running 12 hour shifts. Booker said crews are keeping up and doing their part. Now they ask you to be prepared.

"It's really important for drivers to take that extra few minutes to go ahead and clear all of the windows and remove the snow from the hood and roof of the car,” Booker explained. “If not, it's just going to create an extra travel hazard for yourself and potentially other drivers."

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