Hamilton County residents can apply for mailbox replacement due to snowplow damage


HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Lots of snow means more snowplows, which could potentially lead to mailbox damage.

Hamilton County Highway Department is trying to fix that problem with their mailbox replacement policy. If you live in the county and your mailbox is damaged by a snowplow, you can file for a new one. You just have to fill out a form within 7 days of the incident to get it replaced.

“Snow, when it is coming off of a truck like this, is very heavy. So it is the weight of the snow that hits the mailbox and mailboxes are not as strong as tons of snow coming off the end of a plow,” Brandi Tarner, public relations coordinator for the Hamilton County. Highway Department said.

The program has some restrictions. The applicant cannot be anybody that lives on a state-maintained road or anybody inside city limits. This means that applicants have to be in unincorporated, Hamilton county where they maintain that thorofare.

For more information about the mailbox replacement policy, visit  The Hamilton County website.

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