NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The Noblesville School Board voted to replace Hamilton East Public Library Board President Laura Alerding in a 3-2 vote Tuesday night.

The decision comes as the HEPL board, which has locations in Fishers and Noblesville, continues to find itself under fire for its controversial Collection Development Policy that has resulted in dozens of youth books, including Indiana native John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”, being moved from the library’s Young Adult section into the Adult section for “inappropriate” content.

The Noblesville School Board voted to replace Alerding with Bill Kenley, an English teacher at Noblesville Schools, to serve as the school board’s appointment to the HEPL board. Kenley has taught English for more than 20 years at Noblesville High School.

Image of Bill Kenley. Provided by Noblesville Schools Website.

Alerding and Misti Ray, another member of the five-member school board, voted against Kenley’s appointment.

Alerding is also a Noblesville School Board member.

Despite Tuesday night’s vote, Alerding will continue to serve in the role until Aug. 26 and participate in the HEPL’s monthly meeting on Aug. 24.

Alerding is one of the library board members who voted to approve the policy in December to review the books for age-appropriate content.

The policy has focused on removing any materials deemed to be inappropriate for youth, middle school and high school sections. Any books containing sexual content are not permitted to be shelved in those sections of the library.

Alerding said in a statement over the weekend that “The Fault in Our Stars” should be moved back to the Young Adult section after a week of national headlines and criticism from parents and the prominent author.

The review process is estimated to cost as much as $300,000 as the library has needed to bolster staffing to read through materials currently housed in the Young Adult section to determine if they are age-appropriate.

The full policy can be found here.