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NOTE: Video above is from a FOX59 story that aired on October 20, 2014.

GREENFIELD, Ind. (Oct. 27, 2014)– A central Indiana veteran said his homeowners association wants his flag pole gone.

Bob and Judy Willits told FOX59 last week that they won’t be getting rid of it, and that his community supports his decision.

Now, Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Griffin has taken notice, and says he will get involved if the Fieldstone homeowners association (HOA) doesn’t back down by Saturday.

In a letter to the HOA board of directors, Griffin said he will file suit if the issue is not resolved promptly.

“You may (rescind the letter and make amends for actions taken) by Saturday, November 1, 2014. After that date, I will have no choice but to file suit to enjoin the board from enforcing the actions taken in its letters dated September 9 and October 18. If the suit is successful, state statute requires me to pursue further legal proceedings to collect costs from the board.”

Read the full letter here from Griffin here: Letter to HOA from Michael Griffin

The Willits told FOX59 the homeowners association suggested they mount the flag on their home, since free-standing poles are not welcome.

Kaye Eckert, president of the Fieldstone HOA board, told FOX59 last week that the issue is the pole, not the flag.

“We do not tell anyone they cannot fly a flag. What we are having a problem with is the flag pole. Flag poles are not allowed in this association,” said Eckert. “It’s never, ever been about the flag, which that’s what seems to come to the foreground all the time.”

Bob Willits is adamant the flags are not coming down.

“They can’t force me to take it down,” he said.