Harsher-than-normal phone scam fooling Hoosiers

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BROWNSBURG — If you never thought you’d fall for a phone scam, think again, because a scam making its way around central Indiana is tricking Hoosiers.

It happened to Connie Spurgeon recently.

“You would’ve thought it was legit, really,” Spurgeon said.

The caller ID showed up as Internal Revenue Service and the man on the other end of the line told Spurgeon she owed back taxes, needed to pay and that in less than hour, a sheriff’s deputy would be at her front door to take her to jail.

“He’s going to lock us up, have a sheriff to handcuff us, I mean the whole bit. You know, when you think about it really scares you,” Spurgeon said.

If you think you’d never fall for that, Kim Storen with Storen Financial Group said you may be wrong. She’s had multiple clients fall for it.

“When you get a call that says you’re going to get arrested, people all of a sudden panic and think, ‘I might just need to pay it,'” Storen said.

Luckily, all of them thought to call Storen before they forked over the money.

“In every situation, they were going to pay it and they just happened at the last-minute to call to find out that it wasn’t real,” Storen said.

The scam has been happening across the country, according to the IRS. The scammer spoofs the number on caller ID, sometimes sends bogus emails to support the claim and may even hang up and have someone else call back pretending to be the police.

“One gal had a daycare and her thought was, ‘I cannot be arrested in front of these,'” Storen said.

Remember that the IRS will never call or email you.

If you do get the call, hang up immediately and report it to local law enforcement and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

You can also report it to the IRS by calling 1.800.366.4484. For more information about the scam, click here.

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