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Indianapolis, Ind. — Local teachers in Haughville are keeping students focused on their studies while also sharing some joy with the students’ families who are at home too.

IPS school Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips School 63 has a diverse student body. Many of whom are trying to learn English.

“After the shut down of the school. It was just very quick and we realized very quickly, oh my goodness, we haven’t had any closure with the kids. We know especially with the little ones they’re thinking what happened?”

Sheila Corbin, Principal of K-2 & Middle School at Matchbook Learning

Administrators are meeting those needs in new ways like hosting virtual assemblies. These are chances for students to get recognized with shout outs where their teacher might thank them for their leadership or something nice they’ve done.

They also created a “joyful news project” where teachers are putting together videos to brighten their students’ days.