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FAIRLAND, Ind. – He absolutely nailed it!

Four-year-old Jake Schuman is in his first year of preschool at Triton Central Elementary School in Fairland, Indiana.

He was asked to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at preschool graduation and did a phenomenal job!

His father, Curt Schuman, posted the video of Jake singing the national anthem on Facebook Wednesday. After Jake finished, the crowd gave him a big ovation.

No one was prouder than Jake’s father.

“Well PROUD DAD moment!!! I don’t usually get emotional about much, but Jake got me tonight,” Schuman wrote. “He was asked to sing the National Anthem at his preschool graduation tonight, and he nailed it!! So proud of this little fella and all the joy he brings to everybody around him!!”

Schuman said Jake has been singing the national anthem for about a year now. You’ll hear him belting it out with the crowd before basketball games or his dad’s softball games. He also sings it in the car or at home. Schuman said Jake has also sung in class.

However, he hadn’t performed the song in front of a crowd until graduation. Schuman said Jake’s teacher, Mrs. Morgan, contacted him a week earlier and asked if it would be OK for Jake to sing in front of everyone.

Schuman got emotional during the performance. He said he doesn’t think Jake was nervous, adding that “I know I was.”

“He has always been a little patriot,” Schuman said of his son. “Whether saluting or holding his hand over his heart when he hears the anthem played, he stops and pays respect to our anthem.”