Dirty Dining: Your tips lead to violations in action

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INDIANAPOLIS — You told us what restaurants you think are dirty and we listened: FOX59 investigated the spots that you tipped us off about in this month’s Dirty Dining report.

First up, The Journey at 96th Street on the North side.

“(When) you eat here, you’re going to be safe,” kitchen manager Kevin Ni said.

Yet, health inspectors found 12 critical violations the last time they stopped by earlier this year. They included potentially hazardous pot stickers and cooked noodles that had to be thrown away and “raw fish dripping juices on a prep table with raw broccoli,” according to an inspection report.

The restaurant also had four illness complaints in the last six months alone. Ni’s gave us his explanation for those reports.

“We serve a lot more customers and this is buffet, all you can eat, people are usually overeating,” Ni said.

Ni did show us time markings on all the buffet sushi and the temperature of the hot food was good on our visit.

Next up was Ryan’s Grill at 10th and Shadeland. Our camera didn’t even get in the door, thanks to a not-so-warm welcome.

“You can’t come in here with cameras,” a manager told us as she blocked the entrance. We were told to call the media hotline and not allowed to go inside at all.

The last health inspection at Ryan’s Grill turned up six critical violations, including fried chicken on the buffet at 20 degrees below the safe level and a request from health inspectors that the restaurant clean its floors “throughout.”

“We work hard to exceed health department regulations. Since any violation is unacceptable, we actually had all of the issues found in the last visit corrected on the spot. … We … are committed to public safety. That’s why we welcome the input of inspectors,” a spokesperson said in a written statement following our visit.

Finally, we followed your tips to Mann’s Grill on South Tibbs. Nearly a dozen of you told us to check them out.

“Everybody I know loves to eat there, but lately the food just hasn’t tasted the same,” one tipster said.

“The waitresses wear flip-flops,” two of your tips said.

Sure enough, as we walked in we immediately caught a waitress with flip-flops on. She quickly went  back into the kitchen.

The restaurant’s last inspection caught eight critical violations, including “potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food” and “soiled interior surfaces.”

We saw just how popular Mann’s Grill is, with its steady stream of customers, but we also saw the door. Despite our request to see inside and answer your questions, the owner refused to talk to us and shut the door on our camera without providing any proof they’re cleaning up.

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