Hoosier vet says don’t delay calling for pet care during COVID-19


INDIANAPOLIS – Whereas humans may put off their own doctor’s appointments during COVID-19, one local vet said they’re not doing that for their pets. She urges pet owners not to delay calling for pet care as many offices are booking out pet appointments weeks-to-months right now.

“I am booked out probably until the end of October for all the routine procedures, that’s how busy I’ve been,” said Dr. Robin Wilson with Michigan Road Animal Hospital at 96th Street. “I wouldn’t tell anybody to delay anything.”

Dr. Wilson attributes that to a few factors, including a lot more adoptions right now. She also said most vets are doing curbside check-in, where vet staff bring the pet inside while the owner waits outside. Curbside check-in has become a common, safer practice during the pandemic, but it does take longer.

Dr. Wilson also said more people working from home means humans are noticing subtle health changes in their pet that they may not have noticed otherwise.

“These pets need care,” Dr. Wilson said. “You certainly don’t want to delay bad teeth and potential pain and things like that from oral disease, but I also don’t want an increase in pet population if people are not getting their dogs spayed and neutered.”

Veterinarians are seeing more business nationwide. Data from VetSuccess shows, at 2,938 practices nationwide, revenue was up 18.99 percent in August 2020 over August 2019. At 81 practices in Indiana, revenue is up 15.97 percent in August 2020 over August 2019.

On a lighter note, veterinarians are seeing coronavirus-themed pet names with so many adoptions during the pandemic. Some suggestions include Rona, Fauci and Six, as in the number of feet you need to stay apart even at the vet.

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