Boone County woman offers way for the dying to communicate with loved ones after death

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (April 19, 2016)-- A Boone County woman is helping the dying communicate with their loved ones long after their death.

As a nurse who cared for the dying for 30 years, Linda Rubino knows people often still have a lot to say as they're nearing their death.

"They were worried about their family. They were worried how they were going to cope,” she recalled. "They all wanted to continue to be a part of their families' lives.”

So back in November, Rubino launched her business To You From Beyond. She delivers letters from the deceased to their loved ones after they've passed.

“Say a young mom who is passing on or knows that she doesn’t have long to live, she can write a number of letters for her children, for her daughter, to her son, at certain milestone in their life. When they’re going to be 16, you know, words of wisdom that can be passed on.”

She sends her clients a kit that includes a form they must fill out. It includes the recipient's name and address and an emergency contact in case the address has changed.

All the client has to do is write their message(s) and pick the date(s) they want them to be delivered. Then they ship their letters to Rubino who keeps it in a safe until it's time to mail them.

While some families chose to have their own relatives deliver letters, Rubino warns family dynamics can change and commitments can fall through the cracks.

Even if something happens to her, Rubino guarantees she has procedures in place to protect her clients' letters and make sure they are delivered on time. And if a letter comes back with the wrong address, she will do everything she can to find the recipient.

The most important thing, Rubino said, is to give people like her patients an opportunity to die without regrets.

“It’s a special gift," she said. "Having a hand-written letter from someone, actually penned from them, is amazing.”

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