HEARTWARMING | Internet buys homeless man a home

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(May 12, 2014) — The subject of a viral prank video gets another big surprise, thanks to the internet.

We showed you a video in March of prankster and do-gooder “Magic of Rahat”–he approached a homeless man named Eric with what he said was a winning a lottery ticket.

A store clerk, who was in on the prank, gave Eric $1,000 in “prize money.”

Sixteen million people saw the video, and many of them were so touched they raised money for Eric online.

And in this newest video, “Magic of Rahat” presents Eric with a new house that he rented for Eric with the money raised online.

He paid for a year of rent, bought supplies and even opened a savings account.

And even better news, before Eric learned about his new house, he got a job!

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