Heat is no match for 4H members working to protect their animals during annual fair

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – The show animals spending the week at the Hamilton County 4H Fair have the coolest seat in the house. 4H members showed FOX59’s crew around the cattle barn and swine barn where fans are blowing in every stall.

“With beef cattle you want to grow their hair as long and thick and flowing as possible,” Jesse Kolb said. “That’s just part of the project and the showing aspect of it.”

Kolb is a 10-year member of 4-H in Hamilton County. He brought cattle and swine to the fair. Kolb said he is careful to keep his hogs cool in the heat since they do not sweat.

“Pigs will also stay cool by panting,” Kolb said. “So, if you see a pig panting, it’s not a big issue. It’s just like a dog panting to stay cool.”

Kolb said each 4Her looks out for one another, as well as each of the animals, especially during fair week.

“If one of my friends, a fellow 4-H member, was maybe over checking on the swine, and I see that their calf may need a drink, I give their calf a drink,” Kolb said. “It’s kind of like an unsaid rule, just kind of looking out for each other.”

The pygmy goats and their owners showed off the hard work they’ve put in for months at the show on Friday. Judge Skyler Shamp made sure to stop the show for breaks, benefiting both animals and people.

“That way they’re not rushing, we’re not pulling on them, over exerting our animals as well as our showmen,” Shamp explained.

The fair continues until July 22, the auction is July 23. You can find out more about each day’s events by visiting extension.purdue.edu.

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