Heavy rains, blocked retention pond cause flooding

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PIKE TOWNSHIP, Ind. – Neighbors are concerned about flooding in their yards, made even worse by heavy rains. A drainage pipe for a retention pond is blocked and there’s no where for the water to go.

Jeff Marshall lives on Sunshine Avenue where his property looks more like a lake. His backyard is covered with more than a foot of water in some places. He contacted the homeowner’s association, the City of Indianapolis and Citizens Energy trying to get help.

“Just because it’s so hard to find out who’s responsible and who’s going to take care of it and I may be a little frustrated in that regard,” said Jeff Marshall.

FOX59 contacted the city and Citizens in an attempt to find out who is responsible for the clogged pipe. Citizens sent an inspector to look at the pond. Officials with Department of Public Works said an engineering team will look at the problem to determine if the city or homeowner’s association will have to fix the problem.

Marshall said his backyard has flooded before but it he has never seen it this bad.

“I’ve never had it standing water for over 24 hours, the drain generally does a great job plus I’ve put in drainage tile to help push the water toward the drain and pull it away from the neighbors yards too,” said Marshall.






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