Helping veterans battle mental illness

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Steve Loesch woke up everyday feeling like he was thinking through a web or a fog.  Even more troubling, he couldn’t snap out of it. Steve was put on pain medication after back surgery and instantly he knew something was wrong.  Steve says, “I got out of the hospital and I started getting very anxious – anxiety you would not believe. And they put me on medication, it would not work. I’d walk up and down the halls in my house, trying to get the anxiety controlled. I could not do it.” Every doctor he went to put him on more pills that just made the problem worse.

His daughter recommended he try PrTMS (Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) at Fully Armored Family Health and Fitness. PrTMS is used to treat ADHD, anxiety, depression & PTSD by synchronizing brain activity. After an EEG revealed a slowing of brain function in his frontal cortex, he started PrTMS to increase his neuro-cognitive function. Nurse Practitioner Alta Skelter says, “So we’re telling the brain waves to speed up. We’re not asking it to, we’re saying – okay this pulse is going to allow that to speed up.”

After 5 treatments Steve says, “My brain feels clearer.  When I used to get up in the morning, it’d be cloudy up here – right in the front. But when we started doing this, the waves going into my skull, and then they show me the printout of my result, well it’s amazing.  Everybody has said – you’re not the same person.  And boy that feels good.”

Fully Armored Family Health and Fitness says they are the only center in central Indiana who offers PrTMS right now.  FOX59 and community Health Network is honored to recognize Alta and Rick Skelton, Fully Armored Family Health & Fitness for making this treatment available to military vets and first responders who may not have insurance to cover it.  For more information on how you can donate to the PrTMS Scholarship Program or if you’d like more information on the treatment go to

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