Hendricks County dealing with slick conditions, slide-offs

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Heavy snow was falling at a pretty fast rate all evening on the west side. Snowfall totals reached five inches in Brownsburg Sunday night.

Snow plows and tow trucks were staying busy this weekend. Some drivers say people just aren’t being careful.

“I don’t have a big truck like everybody else so I’ve been all over the roads,” said Timothy Dowers, who was driving home to Convington after watching the big IU win in Bloomington. “I wanted to be down there so I decided to stick it out a little bit.”

Snow blanketed roads in white-out conditions in this mid-March storm.

Gregg and Nick Gilliam were out on a gas run, but ended up helping out drivers stuck in ditches.

“Can’t get traction on all her tires so she was just sitting there spinning,” said Gregg, after helping a woman stuck in the snow.

There may be more spin-offs and slick conditions on Monday, as folks prepare for a rough morning commute.

“I couldn’t go over 40 miles per hour without sliding everywhere,” said Dowers. “It’s just been horrible.”

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