INDIANAPOLIS – We want to help you find ways save, as grocery and gas prices remain high and for many, unmanageable.

Here are some tips on how to cut costs, literally. We’re talking couponing!

Experts say that it’s not as popular anymore, but there are quicker and easier ways to save while still couponing. So long are the days of sitting at your kitchen table, cutting along the dotted lines.

“People would sit down on Sundays when you had like these giant newspapers, and they would clip the coupons,” explained Phil Schuman, the executive director of Financial Wellness and Education at Indiana University.

Now it’s much simpler. To start all you have to do is pick up your phone.

“You don’t have to pay for coupons, it’s on your phone,” said Christina Huffines, an expert at extreme couponing. She even created an organization from it. Dotted Line Divas uses the technique to save and collect items to donate to families.

By downloading a store’s app, you can save on food, gas, even prescriptions through digital coupons.

Every time you check out — it’s automatic.

“If you shop at Kroger, you attach your Kroger card. [It] is always five times and all these extra bonus coupons,” said Huffines.

While it could mean compromising on a specific brand, the savings could be worth it.

“It’s gotten a little bit harder, shelves aren’t being stocked as easily. Every store is having store is having trouble getting product in,” explained Huffines, “You just have to figure out what’s the easiest for you to do.”

Schuman added, “It does take time.  And if you’re a person that can’t really afford that amount of time this may not be the path for you to go down.”

Schuman believes we haven’t seen the peak of inflation yet. Until prices level off, he suggests to try “couponing” with your subscription services.

“This might be an opportunity to call up those companies and quite honestly, like threaten to cancel and usually for those for those companies like they don’t want you to cancel and so they may have some sort of offer to try and entice you to stay with them,” said Schuman.

Whether you’re cutting costs on the dotted line or online, it’s another way you can save.

“There’s definitely still ways to save money out there,” said Huffines.

Along with its daily efforts, Dotted Line Divas is hosting its Back to School Bash to help families in need.

It’s the second year for the event, happening on July 16th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All you need is a photo ID to receive free hygiene products, school supplies, free haircuts for school-aged kids, and free family photos. All until supplies last.

Again, they’re able to make an event like this happen not only because of sponsors, but couponing!

Flyer provided by Dotted Line Divas