Hidden cash craze on Twitter takes over Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Hoosiers are running around Marion County searching for cash hidden by an anonymous person whose Twitter handle is @HiddenCashIndy.

The Twitter account was started two days ago. Since then, the mysterious person has used the account to give Hoosiers clues that will lead them to the money. Envelopes full of money and a note have been left at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the canal, and next to gate 9 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The first envelope had $100 and a note. The second envelope had $187 and a note that read: “Congrats! You found the #hiddencashIndy! Tweet a pic of yourself with the cash @HiddenCashIndy! What will you do with $187? Make someone smile today. #Payitforward”.

Nick Salupo found the second envelope. He found it on Thursday.

“Yeah. It’s cool to get the money, but I don’t think I (had) ever plan(ned) (to keep) it for (myself),” Salupo said.

Salupo and his friends decided to spend the money Friday. They bought donuts for people who were inside Taylor’s Bakery that morning. Taylor’s Bakery is located at 6216 Allisonville Road.

“I have nothing else going on so why not run around the city on a scavenger hunt and then being able to be the person (who chooses) where it goes (is rewarding),” Salupo said.

Customers of the bakery were surprised when Salupo walked in the store with his friends and offered to pay their bills. People had heard about @HiddenCashIndy.

“Like he said it’s free money so you should have fun with it. You don’t want to hoard it and hold onto it, you want to just spend it and pay it forward, you know,” Taylor’s Bakery Employee Audrey Isham said.

Salupo paid Bill Alexander’s bill. It was more than $20 and he was surprised.

“He found $187 wow. I mean what a lucky guy,” Bill Alexander said. He continued, “I came out a big winner today myself”.

Besides buying people donuts, Salupo donated money toward scholarships for kids attending summer camp at Indy Cycloplex.

“Me and my husband were talking, if it’s a collaboration of people we wouldn’t mind joining in, throwing money into the pot,” Isham said.

The problem is no one knows who is behind the Twitter account, but its followers continue to grow.

“Who is that? Nobody knows, huh. He’s anonymous. More power to the guy, if he’s got a lot of money to give away,” Alexander said.

On Friday, 3 clues were tweeted by the account. The first clue read: “Think Big”. The second clue read: “Every year a champion is made here. Some even become legends”. The bonus clue read: “Where I’m located you don’t have to pay to find me. Very important”. The last clue showed a picture of a toy race car and the note read: “Find me & you will find the cash. Cars passing me on Georgetown. Can someone open the gates please? Ps. Keep the car”.

Jamie Collier looked everywhere! FOX 59 saw him searching outside Lucas Oil Stadium. It was after the first clue was tweeted, but before the other clues were tweeted.

“I am looking for the hidden cash that is somewhere in this city,” Collier said.

A man, who goes by Sarge, found the envelope outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway close to 2 p.m. Sarge found $200. The note read: “Congratulations! Seems appropriate you get $200 when champions are made nearby by running 200 laps. Appreciate your effort today! Now, what will you do with it? Tweet a pic of yourself with cash to @hiddencashindy. Make someone smile today”.

“What’s bigger and what breaks out more legends than the Indianapolis 500,” Sarge said.

Sarge knew how he wanted to pay it forward.

“My wife’s dad got diagnosed with lung cancer due to Agent Orange and he’s always wanted to see the wall at night and we’re going to make it happen,” Sarge said.

Sarge said he does not plan to play the game anymore.

“I’ll leave it for everybody else. Ha. (I’ll) spread the wealth,” Sarge said.

@HiddenCashIndy tweeted Friday afternoon that more cash will be hidden Saturday and Sunday.

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