Hidden Cash Indy leaves final gift, prepares for big reveal

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man won $273 in the last Hidden Cash Indy drop Tuesday evening.

Adam Shoemaker was among dozens of people who swarmed Holliday Park off Spring Mill Road to look for the hidden money. He found it in the knot of a tree next to the ruins of the park.

“It was this pack of gum here. I opened it up it said ‘You are very good’ and it had $273 dollars inside,” he said holding it up.

Hoosiers have been running around Marion County for the past two weeks searching for cash hidden by an anonymous person whose Twitter handle is @HiddenCashIndy.

The Twitter account works the same way as @HiddenCash which claims to have started an “anonymous social experience for good” in San Francisco and other U.S. cities. In essence, the mysterious person uses the account to give out clues that will lead people to money.

The donor only asks that winner “pay it forward” and use the money for good. Shoemaker donated his winnings to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

“I just adopted my dog Summer from the Indy Humane Society a month ago so I think I’m going to pay it forward to the Indy Humane,” he said after he won.

Now that the hunting is over, the person responsible for giving away all that cash plans on revealing him/herself Wednesday on FOX59 Morning News.

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