FISHERS, Ind. — As gas and diesel prices continue to rise, moving companies are having to pass the cost onto the customer.

Summer is a peak time for moving and Joshua Sales, owner of Ramp It Up Moving and Logistics, says business hasn’t slowed down at all amid rising fuel prices.

“We generally try to keep the prices affordable for our customers, but with the inflation and gas actually being one of our highest bills, we had to change the policies,” said Sales.

Sales said a flat rate for fuel used to be automatically factored into his company’s overall price for moving services. Now, he said he’s had to add a fuel surcharge based on travel distance.

“It can range anywhere from $50 for a half-hour travel on up, and honestly we’re not gaining anything from it,” said Sales. “That’s how much it costs to get places.”

Fuel prices continue to hit new record highs. According to the latest data from AAA, the current price for a gallon of diesel is $5.668. Just one year ago, the same gallon cost drivers $3.297.

“We’re limited on how far we can go just because of the gas prices,” said Sales. “If we don’t charge for it – if we don’t raise the prices – it’s not feasible for us to go to a job.”

Sales said the added fuel surcharge varies depending on the distance of each move. He said he’s willing to accept almost any job but said he’s had to turn several customers away.

“After a certain distance, it’s not feasible for the customers to pay the amount that it costs for us to come all the way that far,” said Sales.

Sales said he’s even had to decline jobs that were too far, based strictly on the cost of fuel.

“The most recent [price] I saw was $5.99 for diesel and that was – that’s ridiculous, you know, to think about having to fill up a 100-gal tank at $6,” said Sales.

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