INDIANAPOLIS — At the intersection of 10th Street and Country Club Road, some drivers are celebrating the wins where they can.

“Actually, $4.39 though is a little bit better than what it has been,” said Devina Jani. “It was like $4.84 a couple days ago.”

It’s no secret that high gas prices continue to bring pain at the pump for Hoosiers, impacting how they budget from day to day.

“It kind of makes everyday life a little bit complicated,” said Micaela Postell.

“I have a diesel truck, and so it’s even like a dollar more a gallon,” said Steve Booher. “It’s like $120 to fill the truck up.”

Despite the high prices, AAA says it’s not enough to deter people from hitting the road for the Memorial Day weekend.

“We’re expecting this Memorial Day to be the busiest that it’s been in three years,” said Spokesperson Molly Hart.

According to AAA’s Memorial Day Holiday Travel Forecast, experts predict this weekend’s travel to near pre-pandemic levels with car still among the most popular way to get around. AAA predictions show car travel to reach 93% of 2019’s pre-pandemic volume.

With gas prices as high as they are, Hart says drivers are budgeting differently, but the pent-up demand to travel outweighs the cost for many.

“They’re just using their money in a different way but allowing them to get away for the weekend,” she said.

Hart says drivers are cutting corners in ways such as opting for cheaper hotels and limiting how much they spend on dining out, shopping and other entertainment.

Drivers we spoke with on Thursday say they’re reevaluating or finding more cost-effective plans for holiday and summer travel.

“Luckily, I’ve got a place in Brown County, so it’s a pretty short hike down there,” said Booher. “If I was going to travel, it definitely would make us consider other plans.”

“I am taking a trip to Tennessee, but of course, we’re carpooling,” said Postell.

“We would’ve loved to have been able to get out a little bit, but because gas is so high, we had to assess, kind of scale back, our vacations,” said Jani. “It’s always nice to have a reprieve, but you don’t want your reprieve to break your pocketbook.”

According to AAA, if you plan to head out to your weekend destination on Friday, experts predict high road congestion between noon-7 p.m.

If you’re planning to head home on Memorial Day, experts advise leaving early or later on that night. That’s as highest travel is expected between 1-4 p.m.