Historic Irvington needs help to stay lit

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Historic Irvington may go dark without some help from the public.

The street lights on Washington Street are paid for by the Irvington Development Organization (IDO), but the non-profit is funded by donations. The group installed the street lights in 2012 as part of their plan to beautify the area.

“It’s almost $1,000 per month to keep these lit," said Tyler Sheller with IDO.

The lights also help deter crime, and the main strip has had a burglary and a theft in the past few months. There was also a fire that destroyed Black Acre Brewing. Even with the ample lighting, drivers are having a hard time staying in the right lanes.

“We’ve had people run over the medians, which were put in to slow down traffic," said Sheller.

If IDO stops paying the bill, the lights will go out and Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) will eventually replace them, but it comes with a caveat.

“For every one of these decorative lights they take out, that doesn’t mean they put in an overhead cobra light," said Sheller of the potentially dwindling light total.

IDO is trying to get IPL to help them switch the lights to LEDs, which would be more cost effective. They know it will be costly to make the swap, and are looking for donations or a corporate sponsor to help make upkeep of the lights sustainable.

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