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INDIANAPOLIS––Plans are moving forward to prevent crime in one of Indy’s most historically violent neighborhoods.

Just before 11 o’clock Wednesday night, police found one man shot to death near 13th and Oxford, another victim was found injured near 10th and Rural and a third man showed up at Community East hospital.

Police confirm all three were involved in the same incident in the near east side area known for violence.

“The 10th and Rural area has been a trouble spot for decades,” said Reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition.

In fact, the shooting marks the 3rd homicide this year less than a mile away from 10th and Rural. In 2020, there were four murders in the same area.

That’s why starting next week, Reverend Harrison and the Ten Point Coalition will begin training faith leaders near 10th and Rural to do their own safety patrols using the Ten Point model.

“We’re going to train them to do it, so we won’t be walking the streets of 10th and Rural, but the residents will be,” said Harrison.

“We’re just talking to see if we can come back together as a group of pastors that are concerned,” said Pastor Fredrick Boyd Jr. with Zion Unity Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Boyd hosted a meeting Thursday of fellow pastors and IMPD.

The group wants to resurrect what they call UNITY Fellowship which involves a half dozen churches working together, increasing public safety between the Marathon on Rural and a second gas station along Oakland.

“Us six churches want to work together to solve problems, whether that’s violence, prostitution, gambling or gangs,” said Boyd.

IMPD points out they have regular patrols near 10th and Rural and often have officers park in the area for long periods of time, but even expanded patrols can’t monitor every house.

That’s why more community involvement is always welcome.

“Our community needs to unify ourselves. Let’s think about how can we help our neighbor. That’s what the golden rule is all about,” said Boyd.

Violence isn’t unique to this neighborhood. So far this year there have been 59 total homicides across Indianapolis.

There were 50 homicides on the same date last year and 36 in 2019.