HOA in 55+ Arizona community forces orphan teen to move out of grandparents’ home


PRESCOTT, Ariz. – An Arizona teen who just lost his mom and dad is now being told he can’t live with his grandparents because of their community’s homeowners association.

Collin Clabaugh, 15, lost both his parents two weeks apart while living in California.

“We didn’t plan this. We didn’t go out all of a sudden one day and say, ‘Hey, let’s have Clay kill himself and let’s have Bonnie die. And we’ll take Collin in, and to heck with the HOA.’ It’s not the way it was planned,’” Melodie Passmore, Clabaugh’s grandmother, told KNXV.

Clabaugh’s grandparents live in a community for people 55 years old and older.

The HOA says Clabaugh must move out by this summer. A letter was delivered to the Passmores that says, “The board must balance the interests of all parties involved, not just the Passmores.”

“It just seems so heartless that even though we’ve explained our whole situation and everything, that they still—it has to be the rule that dictates everything. It can’t be someone’s life,” Clabaugh said.

The HOA’s lawyers told KNXV the youngest someone living here can be is 19 years old. They said the HOA could have legal troubles if they don’t enforce this rule.

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