Hogsett officially picked to run on Democratic ticket for mayor

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INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 7, 2015) – Marion County Democrats nominated former U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett Saturday as their candidate to run on the Democratic ticket for Indianapolis mayor.

“There has been a motion and a second to nominate Joe Hogsett,” Chairman Joel Miller said to a room filled with applause.

The official anointing surprised no one after Hogsett announced his candidacy in November.

“It is with incredible pride my fellow Democrats that I accept your nomination to lead our city into the future,” Hogsett said.

The former Secretary of State was nominated by President Obama in 2010 to hold the post as U.S. Attorney. Hogsett quickly launched what he called his violent crimes initiative. During the next few months, Hogsett said he’ll outline his plans to reduce crime and corruption in Indianapolis.

“The truth is negative attacks, no matter how good it makes some feel, will never roll back the highest homicide rates that our city has experienced in a generation,” he said.

Hogsett has already raised near record amounts of money.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, who was at today’s convention, endorsed Hogsett.

“Clearly for starters just the idea of staffing and getting our police department where it needs to be,” Curry said. “Mayor Ballard resisted that notion for five or six years.”

Hogsett will face on onslaught of challenges, too. More police funding costs more money. And Republicans are pushing the notion that a business executive is needed to execute the city’s economic challenges and success.

Last week Marion County Republicans endorsed businessman Chuck Brewer as their candidate.

“I’m not going to focus on who my opponents are or who my opponents aren’t,” Hogsett said in an interview with CBS4. “I’m going to go to all four corners of this community. I’ll walk every neighborhood. I’ll knock on as many doors as I can.”

Mayor Greg Ballard isn’t seeking re-election.

Rev. Charles Harrison, leader of the Ten Point Coalition, is still considering a bid as an independent candidate.

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