Homeland Security: “We didn’t have much trouble at all” over the weekend

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By Eric Levy
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 20, 2014) -- The security plans for the Summer Celebration in downtown Indianapolis, and to keep Broad Ripple safe this weekend, worked well.

There were no major issues, and the Department of Homeland Security said that's because their safety plans were executed to the fullest extent.

"We didn't have much trouble at all," said Gary Coons, Chief of Homeland Security. "We only had a few arrests that were associated with a crime outside of our city and a couple disorderly type activities."

To put a readiness plan in place, like the one for the Summer Celebration, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Weeks and weeks of meetings and plan writings with various officials while Chief Coons leads that charge. It's not always being ready for something fun. If Indianapolis floods, or is hit by a terrorist attack, the same officials helped draw up a plan for those.

"Each one has a role, whether it's the Red Cross, to the National Guard, to the State Police, to IFD," Coons said.

Even though a safety plan, like the one for Summer Celebration, works well, there's always something to take home for the future.

"We can always learn from what we're doing, things that might work better, ideas that people might have told us that we didn't think of when we were writing the plan," he said.

There is even a plan in case Indianapolis Motor Speedway needs to be emptied out for severe weather or an emergency. Safety is priority.

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