Homeowner goes viral turning Irvington home into popular meme perfect for 2020

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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s fairly common to see a meme go viral, but it’s rare to see a meme go viral as Halloween decor.

In Irvington, Indiana’s Halloween capital, one homeowner is trending thanks to her family’s creative idea to turn their picture windows into a popular meme.

“Laughter is what everybody needs, and this brings them a little laughter,” said homeowner Nancy Lynch. “We were hoping it would make people giggle. I had no idea it would make people giggle all over the world.”

In the Lynch’s picture windows, you will find a cartoon dog sitting in a burning home surrounded in flames. Above their window you will see the phrase “this is fine”–a popular online meme. The meaning encapsulates 2020 perfectly.

“It means, you know what? Everything has gone crazy, and we can’t control it, and we might as well just say it’s fine because we can’t do anything about it,” said Lynch, adding that it was her son’s idea. “I looked it up online, and went, ‘Oh my God that’s perfect!”

Generally, her home sees about 1,500 trick-or-treaters on Halloween, but they don’t expect that this year. Irvington is known throughout the state for their year-round dedication to Halloween. Sadly, the pandemic has forced much of the neighborhood’s signature Halloween events to be canceled.

Lynch is a member of the Black Hat Society, which is a group of more than a hundred witches who perform at events to raise money for charities. Much of their events have been canceled as well.

“We have had a few socially distanced parades, which means we all dress up as a witch, and we play music, and we march six feet apart with masks on down the street,” said Lynch. “People come out of their houses, and go, ‘Yay!’ Then, we cackle.”

All of the time now, Lynch spots people taking pictures of their creation. She has been getting messages from friends across the country who have seen the photos show up on social media sites or publications.

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