Homeowner relieved after health department cleans up home next door

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A homeowner is relieved after the city stepped in to clean up the unruly home next door.

Looking out over her back fence now, it's hard to imagine what the view from Beth Thompson's yard looked like just months ago.

"This looks so much better than it did," Thompson said.

In July, Thompson and her neighbor, Willie Pinkton, told FOX59 they were sick of dealing with issues from the overgrowth at the home on the corner of their street.

"I've chased people out of my backyard. ... Two weeks ago, I chased a guy out of my backyard that jumped my neighbor's fence," Pinkton said in July.

FOX59 got in touch with the city, and five months later, the results were very clear.

"They took out everything that they possibly could," Thompson said.

According to Thompson, around a dozen Marion County Public Health Department workers spent two days clearing out all the brush and debris at the home in September.

The home, which is unoccupied, had not been cleared in years. In fact, Thompson said the workers found a loaded gun in the brush.

"The police took it. It was right around this area here," Thompson said, pointing to a back corner of the yard.

Now that she can see the backyard, Thompson said she feels much better, but it didn't stop her from installing her own security system.

"I feel much safer about that," Thompson said. "There (have) been no problems, especially since that has been all cleared out."

Thompson's next step is lighting: she and Pinkton both said they'd like to see better street lights near their homes, in the area of 21st and Post Road.

In the meantime, Thompson said she was glad to see such a big problem get solved.

"I'm glad that this is cleared out, I really am," Thompson said. "I couldn't have gotten anything done without you."

A health department spokesperson told FOX59 that the home was cleared out after multiple citations led to no progress. The homeowners were billed for the clean up.

After FOX59 visited the property in December, the health department sent inspectors out again and issued additional orders for "rubbish, exposed garbage and wood on the ground." A re-inspection is scheduled for January 4.

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