Homeowners clean up storm damage following severe weather

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HAMILTON COUNTY – Homeowners cleaned up their yards after Wednesday’s storms knocked tree branches and trees onto homes.

Scott and Lu McKinney were home, last night, when their tree snapped and landed on the roof. It happened around 5:30 – 6p.m. The couple’s grandson contacted Above and Beyond Companies, Inc to remove the tree and clean the damage.

“The only time I knew what happened (was when) I got up and took out the window and (saw) that the tree was down,” Scott McKinney said.

The McKinney’s said they were thankful they were not injured.

“Our insurance company did say go ahead and get somebody to get it off of the house so you can get it covered up and (taken) care of,” McKinney said.

Above and Beyond President Dan Dawson said they are usually busy after a storm.

“We had a lot of water and a lot of wind and when you have that -the older mature trees tend to get root rot and the higher winds obviously can take them down,” Dawson said.

Dawson said homeowners can try to protect themselves ahead of storm season so that they are not paying for it later.

“If you have a large tree next to the home that could threaten you or the home, I would definitely have someone come out and inspect it and see if they think the integrity is there and if it’s not then I would take action and have it removed before it cause serious damage to the home,” Dawson said.

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