Homeowners fight back against city sports complex over well water

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FAR EAST SIDE — Judy Coe is one of dozens of homeowners on the far east side who sees a major city project as a constant, daily reminder of stress.

“We don’t know whether we’re going to wake up and have water the next day,” Coe said.

The city is building its multi-million dollar world sports complex just steps from Coe’s home. The complex has been pumping water for weeks to irrigate fields, and homeowners say they’ve seen water levels drop to a point that is endangering their wells.

“Nobody had well problems until they started using their wells over there,” Coe said.

Consultants hired by the city finished testing the wells Tuesday. Using probes inside seven areas wells, they’ll be able to determine whether the project is indeed depleting water levels.

Several homeowners have already replaced broken well pumps at a cost of more than $6,000 each.

Department of Public Works officials tell Fox 59 that the city will reimburse homeowners if the study shows that the project is to blame.

Coe, meanwhile, said that she is sure that’s what the study will reveal. She and other neighbors said they want the city to find a way to irrigate the fields without disrupting their wells so they can stop worrying.

“It pays to be proactive in your neighborhood. You just can’t fight it by yourself,” Coe said.

The findings are expected to be released this week.

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