Hoosier business owners clear up misconceptions over government shutdown

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INDIANAPOLIS — As confusion grows over what areas the government shutdown is impacting, many Hoosier business owners say they’re not seeing much of an impact at all.

On the shooting range at Indy Trading Post, owner Brian Ludlow answers a lot of questions. Government shutdown questions, however, are very new.

“(I’m getting) phone calls from people that are wondering how the government shutdown is going to affect buying guns,” Ludlow said.

The short answer is: there’s no impact. Ludlow said he was still getting through to background check services and was able to sell guns as usual.

“(It) hasn’t affected us at all yet,” Ludlow said.

He’s not alone. Loan officer Bryant Gatz addressed another major concern: home loans.

“You still can go out and proceed to look for homes, still come in and see us (and) get pre-approved,” Gatz said.

The only loans Gatz’s customers at Fairway Independent Mortgage need to worry about are through the USDA, a government agency entirely shut down right now.

As for buying a house, Gatz said that is no problem.

“It’s business as usual,” Gatz said.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the questions from coming. Another hot button issue is passport applications. The federal government will continue to process those under the shutdown.

As for Ludlow, he’ll continue shooting down any misgivings over his business.

“I’m sure as it goes on, until people figure out what services have been shut down, that we’ll probably still be getting those questions,” Ludlow said.

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