INDIANAPOLIS — A Hoosier company is giving back to the families of the Uvalde school shooting victims. Indianapolis-based Bereave provides grieving families with temporary grave markers. The “keepsake memorials” are used to mark the plot of land while the final headstone is being finished.

Bereave works with some funeral homes in Texas, including the one in Uvalde hosting the funerals of 19 students and two teachers killed last month.

Keagan McGuire, Co-Founder & V.P. of Partnership and Deliveries said “We know that we’re not going to be able to fix anything, but we do feel like providing these temporary grave markers and donating these temporary grave markers can provide a small amount of relief to these families in such a tragic time.”

Bereave started to make the process easier for families, funeral homes and businesses. Elijah Linder, Bereave’s co-founder, said “I lost both of my parents in college on separate occasions and so losing somebody unfortunately has been a part of my life and kind of defined my life.”