Hoosier family wants everyone to learn from son’s dog bite

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A Hoosier family wants everyone to learn from their son’s dog bite.

Isaiah Eve, 7, is as energetic and happy as any kid his age, but a severe dog bite has left him with facial scarring that will affect him for the rest of his life.

Isaiah was visiting his aunt and went to see her dog, but when he got too close, the dog bit him, taking chunks of his lips and cheek with it.

“I gave him a hug and I looked in his eyes to see what color they were, and then he bit me,” Isaiah said.

Isaiah will undergo his second surgery next week and faces similar surgeries in the years he’ll be growing up. Now, his family wants to teach others about the dangers of dog bites, especially for young kids who might not know what animals can do.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a home dog, stray dog, a family dog. It can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere,” Isaiah’s mom Roxanna Clay said.

Clay, along with family member Caleb Stevenson, are working to start a foundation called “Helping Isaiah Heal.” The foundation will first focus on providing for Isaiah’s many surgeries, but they hope to eventually help other kids with facial scarring too.

“It’s just amazingly inspiring, how strong he’s been through all of this,” Stevenson said.

The dog that bit Isaiah, a pit bull-boxer mix, will likely be put down. Family are focusing on getting Isaiah back to school next semester, where he’ll have to tell classmates what happened. Still, Isaiah is keeping a positive attitude.

“I’m going to tell all my friends to stay out of the dog’s face,” Isaiah said.

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