Hoosier ‘heart hunters’ spread thanks, joy and hope


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — What started as a small group of friends and family spreading cheer ended up catching on in every continent.

When Krista Wynes started the Heart Hunters Facebook group she hoped maybe a few hundred people would post hearts in their windows.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would achieve over 800,000 members,” said Wynes. “And on all seven continents of the world!”

Turns out, positivity is more contagious than COVID-19. People are posting hearts everywhere and they’re also finding heart shapes in nature.

“Clouds, trees, we’ve seen them in rocks,” explained Wynes.

If you don’t have any construction paper at home, you can still participate, Some have used recycled newspaper and expired coupons to make hearts. It may not be as beautiful but it sends the same message.

“Do not purchase anything to do this,” said Wynes. “This is supposed to be completely fun and something that you can do with anything you have at home.”

It’s catching on in Indianapolis, especially with locals like Jenney Nye Blackburn who has close family members who are essential workers. She wants to show her gratitude.

“We appreciate you and that’s honestly what this is about,” said Blackburn. “It’s about saying thank you, they are appreciated, they are not forgotten.”

She’s gotten a lot of her neighbors on board.

“It’s actually become a really fun thing to go walk the neighborhoods and see who else is participating in this because there are a lot of hearts out there on a lot of windows.”

Wynes doesn’t take credit for all of this.

“I founded the heart hunters group, that is all I did,” said Wynes. “I posted about it, I started the group and had everybody else not joined in and started spreading the love and kindness we would not be where we are today.”

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