Hoosier Helpers and state police offering aid to drivers stranded on interstates

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Vehicle trouble in this type of weather can be dangerous if drivers aren’t prepared. If you end up stranded on the side of the interstate with no heat, you put your life at risk.

Thankfully, a group of people known as Hoosier Helpers are out on the roads lending a helping hand, or in this case maybe some much needed gas.

Chris Miller has been a Hoosier Helper for five years.

“You can’t help but feel some sort of pride. Some sort of joy,” Hoosier Helper Chris Miller said.

It’s a job he takes seriously, so when below-zero temperatures move into Indiana he’s ready to help drivers. Miller said Wednesday’s cold weather has forced a lot of semi-trucks to stop running. The diesel fuel has gelled up.

Semi-trucks weren’t they only vehicles experiencing problems. State police have assisted thousands of stranded drivers since Tuesday morning.

“A lot of the car trouble we’re seeing stems from things like a flat tire which is typical day to day, but also overheating cars and other mechanical issues. Under normal circumstances wouldn’t quite be an emergency, but today time is of the essence and we have to get to them early,” Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine explained.

State police and Hoosier Helpers are working as a team to help people stranded.

“We try to get them off the road as quick as possible and into a warm shelter,” Miller said.

Miller knows he’s making a difference with the work he’s doing, even if it’s giving drivers gas. It was something he discovered his first year on the job when he helped an elderly man with car troubles.

“He was sitting there crying and he said in the past 60 years there hasn’t been one single person that helped him out like that,” Miller said.

If you’re in need of help, you can call Hoosier Helpers directly at (317)899-8577 or state police.

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