(WXIN/WTTV) — When some Americans say they’re embarking on a journey to the top of their state’s highest point, they could potentially be planning a trek consisting of thousands of feet.

In Indiana, not so much.

While states like Alaska or Colorado boast high points of over 10,000 feet, with Denali standing at 20,310 feet and Mount Elbert at around 14,000 feet respectively, the Hoosier high point is just a fraction of that.

Meet Hoosier Hill, the highest natural point in all of Indiana.

Hoosier Hill (via Visit Indiana)

As you can see on the rock sign above, Indiana’s highest point is just 1,257 feet, or around 383 meters, above sea level.

Aptly named Hoosier Hill, the land mound is located in Wayne County on Indiana’s far east border near Ohio.

Sitting in Franklin Township, Hoosier Hill is located about 11 miles north of Interstate 70 and the city of Richmond.

The hill sits on privately owned property and is not public land. In 2005, a Kentucky boy named Kyle Cummings initiated an Eagle Scout project with the owner’s permission to adorn the hill with signage, a trail and a picnic area at the high point, which is surrounded by forested area and farmland.

According to local government officials, the signage identifying Hoosier Hill as the State’s highest natural point has undergone changes due to thievery.

Initially, the signs identifying Hoosier Hill were made of wooden posts.

However, the wooden signs that said “INDIANA’S HIGHEST POINT” proved to be easily stolen. In 2016, the wooden signage was replaced with the engraved boulder seen above.

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