Hoosier received life-saving heart transplant ahead of 1st birthday


INDIANAPOLIS — A Hoosier boy received an early birthday gift this year.

After 7 and a half months in the hospital and multiple surgeries, Brian ‘Junior’ Aylor received a new donor heart. 

“He’s been through more than anymore should have to go through in a lifetime,” said Mallory Aylor, Junior’s Mom.

When Mallory was 24 weeks pregnant, doctors discovered junior had only half a functioning heart. 

Doctor JJ Parent placed junior, who was just a few months old, on the transplant list.

“There were multiple times we thought he was getting sick and could die during this journey, that’s a reality we face when someone is listed for a heart transplant,” said Dr. Parent.

Mallory spent nearly 8 months with Junior in the hospital while her husband cared for their 4-year-old daughter at home.

Then came the moment Mallory says she’ll never forget.

“The charge nurse woke me up and said, ‘It’s time to wake up, it’s going to be a good day,’” Mallory said. “I just started bawling.”

Junior received a life-saving early birthday gift — a donor heart.

“He is the strongest person I have ever met in my life,” Mallory said. “Being able to go through half of what he’s been through in the one year.”

Junior will continue to be monitored as he grows up.

Mallory says she’s eager to one day tell her son about all he’s overcome. 

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