Hoosier running 40 marathons this year in the face of COVID-19


INDIANAPOLIS — If you thought 2020 has been tough, imagine running 40 marathons this year. It’s the goal one local Hoosier is going for.

“It’s not about the distance, not about the pace, it’s about getting out there, and surprising yourself,” said Chris Walsh of his lofty goals.

Walsh will be running more than 100 laps around Monument Circle on Halloween to complete his 18th marathon this year. He is trying to run 20 marathons and 20 ultramarathons for 2020.

So far, the pandemic has cancelled 23 of his races, including the Monumental Marathon in Indy.

“Wasn’t the year I was planning, but that’s life. You got to adapt, be flexible, means I get to do things like run the circle 100 times,” Walsh said with a laugh.

Walsh has battled bouts of anxiety and depression throughout his life. He says running reduces the impact on him. The hope is that lofty goals like this will inspire other people facing mental issues to take up running.

“I know a lot of people are experiencing depression and anxiety for the first time because of COVID, because of social distancing isolation,” he said.

So far, Walsh has run 17 marathons and 16 ultramarathons this year. He didn’t anticipate how much the lack of race fans would impact his ability to push through. He would love any support Indy can give him on Halloween.

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