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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers are bracing for a late blast of winter weather this week that could bring several inches of snow.

The last major snowfall was during December. Since that blizzard, it has not snowed as much.

Hoosiers have certainly noticed—especially those looking forward to spring.

“I thought it was kind of (a) mild (winter). Really, I mean, it wasn’t all that much snow. I hope this is the latest—the last push so that I can start getting some work done on the yard and shrubs. (I want to work on) whatever that need(s) to be done,” said Charles Ham, who was shopping at White’s Ace Hardware at Nora.

The store currently has winter merchandise right next to its spring wares.

“It’s just typical Indiana. You don’t know if it’s going to be winter or spring or summer,” said store manager Randy Mann, who told Fox59 he constantly watches the forecast to know what’s coming next.

“We keep a good eye on the weather because it affects our business so much. We really need to keep a good eye on it,” he said.

According to Mann, spring merchandise was selling better at this time last year.

“Last March, it was hitting a little more towards spring than it seems like this week. (The store) definitely sold more of those items,” Mann said.

As for the winter items that Mann doesn’t sell, he said he’ll store them until next winter.

“I’m hoping, if (you) were to come back next week, this would all be gone and that would be fertilizer,” Mann said, pointing at his winter supplies.

Meanwhile, other businesses are counting on more snow. Circle City Outdoors typically plows snow this time of year. Salting the roads has kept them busier.

“We’re certainly anxious for the snow and we kinda want it to snow,” said irrigation manager Jeff Burhenn.

The company would like to see a couple more snowfalls, but Burhenn said crews are getting ready for spring work such as landscaping.

“We left all our snow plows on just in case after tomorrow. We probably won’t get any more (snow). Who knows? We’ll be ready to go, if we have to,” Burhenn said.

‪City crews continue to monitor the system, but they haven’t decided when roads will be pretreated. Crews begin their shifts at 11 a.m. Tuesday.‬