Hoosiers come forward to fix 85-year-old woman’s roof after contracting scam

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 16, 2014)– A Beech Grove, Ind. woman is getting the help she needs thanks to FOX59 viewers!

Back in April, we told you about Patty, an 85-year-old woman who was scammed by a roofing contractor. While working every day and caring for her disabled daughter, she was constantly worrying about when and how she would ever get her roof fixed.  Patty said a year and a half ago, contractor Rick Lane ran off with her money and her roof has been suffering ever since.

“I just feel like I got took and I need my roof fixed,” Patty told FOX59.

Now, that is happening.

After FOX59’s original story aired, the calls and emails poured in with Hoosiers wanting to help.  However, getting the plans together took some time and Patty’s health suddenly spiraled downward.

“That evening after you guys were gone, I had a heart attack and then when I went to the hospital I had another heart attack and then a couple of days later,” said Patty. “I had a third heart attack.”

Three heart attacks within a month, but now, Patty is finally recovering at home.

While the sun shines high in the sky, Patty is amazed at what she sees happening in her front yard.

“Viper and ABC and Hoosier and all the helpers, I appreciate everything they’re doing,” said Patty.

Viper Construction was the first company to step up to the plate to help out. Then others who were so touched by her story got on board as well.

“We called ABC Supply [and] they donated the material, Hoosier Hauling donated the dumpster and we have friends and co-workers out here doing the work,” said Gerald Bobb, CEO of Viper Construction.

“It was a no-brainer for us,” said  James Sylvia of ABC Supply Company. “We’re a family-owned business.”

Rick Huffman from Hoosier Hauler said when they learned of Patty’s story, “it really hurt, I mean to think that somebody would do something like that.”

And the surprises kept coming! Another roofing company showed up to help pitch in at the last minute.

“I actually heard about this about 1:30 this morning on Facebook and it irks me when other contractors come in and take people’s money, don’t do the work, and skip town… Hopefully it’ll make people realize there are people that they can trust” said Steve Parker from DuraMax.

Patty’s good friend, Lemmie, is relieved to know she is finally in good hands.  Patty can now fully focus on her health and not her house.

“It’s amazing! I didn’t think there were people and companies out there that would do this,” said Lemmie.

“I just feel like the luckiest person on earth to have all that done and there are at least 15 people here volunteering,” said Patty.

It’s Hoosier hospitality at its finest!

Remember, if you or someone you know is the victim of a contracting scam, be sure to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau.

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