Hoosiers help the Guerra family after a fire killed six of their loved ones

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 6, 2014) — A family of six people, killed in a house fire, are being remembered as “beautiful angels.” Leo and Brandy Guerra, along with their four young children, died after fire tore through their North Olney Street home on February 22. Tonight, the rest of the family is getting ready to say their final goodbyes.

On Thursday, there was a visitation for the family. They are usually a time for families and friends to pay their respects in private. But, the Guerra family wanted FOX59 to be there, so you could see how much you’ve helped them.

“We, the Guerra’s, are a big family, but we’ve come to realize that we have more family that we could ever imagine,” said Gilbert Guerra, uncle to the kids and brother of Leo.

That extra family that he’s talking about is you. If you’re wondering what your help has done for them, all you have to do is look, and listen.

“We’re very thankful for all the support, all the prayers, all the donations that were made in to the trust fund,” Guerra said.

The pain of losing one family member is intense, but to have to live with the pain of losing six, it’s unimaginable. The Guerra’s are pulling through.

“We’ve been praying, we’ve been coming together, it’s actually knitted us even closer,” he said.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard attended the viewing, Thursday, to pay his respects. He spoke about the incredible generosity by Hoosiers.

“I’m sure that’s happening on a scale we probably don’t know, because it is the type of community we are,” said Mayor Ballard.

“We’ve all lost maybe one family member, we can’t even begin to comprehend what it feels like to multiply that by six,” said Kay Price, who attends church with Gilbert Guerra. She says fellow perishoners are there to help lift the family and keep them strong. The Guerra’s are staying strong, and all because of your spiritual and monetary support that got them to this point.

“That to us…it’s priceless…it’s just priceless,” Guerra said.

The family will have another visitation tomorrow morning at New Wineskin Ministries, 4501 W. 38th St., before funeral services and burial.

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