Hoosiers helping Texans after days with no power, water, and heat


INDIANAPOLIS — We all know Hoosiers are known for lending a helping hand no matter how near or how far. Well, one local organization decided to go hundreds of miles to provide needs to Texans battling a winter disaster.

“I think it just touched my heart when I seen the kids, and I seen the water it was muddy,” said Hood 2 Hood Founder, Terrance Hood.

Hood says he couldn’t believe what Texans were experiencing. So, instead of watching it all unfold, he decided to gather his organization and a team to raise money, get necessities, and vehicles donated to make a trek to Texas.

“We had organizations donate us a 26-foot U-Haul. We had another organization basically donate us a party bus. My dealership donated a 2020 Armada. So, the community really came together,” Hood said.

The community even left Hood and those traveling with enough money to depart for Texas Saturday night. They arrived Sunday afternoon with truckloads. On the final leg of their journey, it was clear, they had arrived.

“It was semis wrecked and cars wrecked on the way here. It was very dire, it looked very dangerous coming here,” Hood said.

The team arrived at Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth exiting their vehicles to several hundred Texans in need of assistance.

“What we handed out today was socks, shirts, water, food, pampers, feminine products, non-perishable items, fruit. We handed out so many things to these people they were so appreciative the line was wrapped around the entire block. It was a beautiful thing,” Hood said.

He adds the 14-hour journey made it all worth it when you see how grateful a family is for a case of water or their next meal. Although Indianapolis, lent a helping hand there is still more to be done in the Lone Star state.

“It looks beautiful with the sun, but they still do not have drinkable water. It’s still a serious issue going on down here and they still need help,” Hood said.

And so, does the Hood 2 Hood team as they try to make it back to Indianapolis. They are hoping to raise more funds for gas. But they also can’t forget to say thank you.

“I just want to thank the city of Fort Worth for allowing us to come here and welcoming us with open arms, it changed me forever…Thank you to the city of Indianapolis we love y’all, we cannot wait to get home. It’s beautiful here but we can’t wait to get home,” Hood said.

If you would like to help them on their drive back, you can do so here. They are expected to hit the road Sunday night to arrive in Indianapolis by Monday afternoon.

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