Hoosiers prepare for possible flooding

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 19) — Flooding is becoming a big concern with all of the heavy rain in our forecast. The city of Indianapolis is sending out a request to you to take action and help prevent any major flooding that could put your lives at risk.

“We do know there will be some areas that will see some on street flooding, but residents who take charge and make sure they clear those inlets near their home and help the city out in some of the public right of ways,” said Lesley Gordon, with the Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

It’s about being proactive, and helping the city as they help protect you.

“They will be clearing some of that trash and debris out in those right of ways as well as just maintaining those areas, doing maintenance checks,” Gordon said.

Street flooding is not the only concern with the upcoming rainy weekend. Those who live on the White River are paying close attention, and preparing.

“Where we live it’s in a flood way, they say, so we get our cars out first, but we usually have plenty of time usually,” said resident Jeff Hardin.

While flooding concerns are nothing new, they’re not easier when you’re watching a rising river. He and his family pay close attention to the internet.

“There’s river gauges that you can monitor and that lets you know how quickly the rivers coming up. So that’s what we usually start doing is monitoring those gauges,” Hardin said.

If flooding does happen in your neighborhood, the city asks that you call the customer service center at 317-924-3311.

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