Hoosiers react to NFL’s new bag policy

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NFL fans won’t be carrying much into games this season, unless it fits inside a clutch or a Zip Lock bag.

The NFL revealed a new security policy on Thursday that bans all bags except clear plastic bags that do not exceed 12”x 6” x12” or small clutch purses or other handheld bags that are roughly the size of your hand.

Many of the families entering Victory Field on Thursday night weren’t too thrilled when they learned that the bags they were carrying won’t be allowed at NFL games this coming season.

“You know, diaper bags are a lot bigger than the little purses you’re normally carrying in,” said Todd Messer. “So I think it would be hard on families, which is the biggest thing.”

“We have our large camera in our bag so it would be kind of disappointing because it’s nice just to have something to carry your personal needs,” said Sharri DeYoung.

The new NFL policy bans computer bags, camera bags, backpacks, fanny packs, purses larger than a clutch and fanny packs. Seat cushions will also be banned this year.

According to the NFL the new policy will increase security and speed up entrance into the stadium.

“I’m all about safety,” said Nick Lyon, a season ticket holder. “You’d hate to have anything catastrophic in that type of event.”

The change comes in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, and follows steps taken by the Mini-Marathon, which banned all outside bags this spring, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which began limiting cooler sizes during the Indy 500.

Despite the inconvenience, some Colts fans say they’re prepared to deal with the same type of changes on Sunday, purse or not.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to have the whole purse to go inside,” said Jessica Lyon. “Just stick it in your back pocket and go. You’re there for a football game.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” said Jessica Finn. “As long as they’re checking the clutches well and everything because purses don’t always get checked that well either.”

The NFL is making exceptions for medically necessary items after they have been inspected at a designated gate.

The Colts have announced that they will be complying with the new security measures. The team plans to release more detailed information to fans in the near future.

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