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Above: CeCe before the incident (left) and after (right)

HENDRICKS COUNTY – Is someone targeting horses in Hendricks County?

Authorities are investigating reports that someone is stealing horse hair. The investigation started after a family discovered someone had come onto their Hendricks County farm and cut off about two feet of a horse’s tail.

According to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department, the theft occurred sometime between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Nov. 12. Approximately three weeks before the incident, the family noticed that a miniature horse was also missing its tail. They didn’t think anything about it until it happened again.

The family said CeCe–the horse involved in the most recent case–is a show horse, and that her value is significantly reduced with part of her tail missing.

A similar theft was reported on Nov. 15 at a farm in Plainfield. In that case, a man said someone came to his farm and cut off the tails of two horses.

Animal care officers tell Fox 59 that horse hair is often stolen to make extensions or jewelry.