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INDIANAPOLIS — The grand opening for Hotel Indy, Indianapolis’s first boutique hotel, was held on the east side of downtown on Wednesday morning.

The hotel is where the old State Life Insurance office building at the corner of Washington Street and Delaware Street once stood. It has 90 rooms, the Hulman Restaurant, a rooftop bar and other amenities.

The owners say the main goal of the project is bringing Indianapolis history and culture to anyone who stays. It pays tribute to famous Indy residents of the past as well as the local culture.

“We wanted to tell stories and explain Indianapolis through the eyes of individuals that have made indy and central Indiana great,” said KennMar CEO Brett Benge. KennMar, a commercial real estate agency, had purchased the building in 2018. “We view Indy’s heritage as an inheritance with great value, and we’re going to do our best to share this heritage with the city of Indianapolis and its guests.”

Indianapolis Deputy Major Judith Thomas expressed the opening of this hotel is “a strong sign that the tourism industry is way on its way back.” This was echoed by Chris Gahl, the senior vice president of marketing and communications for Visit Indy.

“From a tourism perspective, today marks yet another win for team indy and the 80-thousand men and women who depend on tourism for a paycheck,” Gahl said. “For years we’ve conducted brand research on how our visitors feel about the word “indy”. Fun, sporty, approachable, unique, sophisticated, having this sweet-sounding word, indy, incorporated into this hotel’s name will ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.”

Reservations for Hotel Indy can be made online.