Reid denies GOP bid to go to conference on spending bill

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WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats late on Monday rejected a last-ditch proposal by House Republicans to establish a negotiating panel to work out a deal on an emergency spending bill and quickly end a looming government shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would not enter such a negotiation “with a gun to our head” as government funding was running out in less than one hour. Reid called on Republicans to instead pass a Senate-approved measure that would keep the government funded through Nov. 15.

While a government shutdown now seemed inevitable, some House Republicans were predicting that their leaders eventually will relent and allow a straight-forward extension of federal funding without add-ons, such as changes to Obamacare.

Earlier, Republicans in the House approved another effort to delay Obamacare, despite objections from some within the GOP that the party should stop the brinkmanship.

But Democrats in the Senate quickly rejected the House measure, sending the bill to fund the government back to the GOP-led House.

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